BBFC 2018

When: 30th June – 1st July 2018
Where: Bučovice, Czech Republic

During the weekend from 30th June to 1st July we organised the 6th annual international tournament Bučovice Blind Football Cup 2018. The ceremonial kick-off was performed by a valuable person. Matěj Plch was the main initiator of the activities heading to the establishment of blind football in the Czech Republic before 2008 and only thanks to his endless will and aspiration our club in Brno came into existence. Matěj himself was our team leader for years and we are glad he didn't forget about us and accepted our invitation to the event.

For the second time, the players of Worcester Blind Football Club from England became the champions as they beat the Spanish team from Madrid during the final game. The fans were happy to see the home team on the 3rd place. Avoy MU Brno finally reached the medals after six years of the tournament.

Final ranking of the participating teams

  1. Worcester BFC (Great Britain)
  2. Santagadea ONCE Madrid (Spain)
  3. Avoy MU Brno (Czech Republic)
  4. Tyniecka NWP Kraków (Poland)
  5. Asamea Keravnos (Greece)
  6. Five-a-side Anderlecht (Belgium)
  7. FC St. Pauli (Germany)
  8. ÖBSV Vienna (Austria)

Further details about the 6th edition of the tournament (including an article, results, statistics, participant's feedback, selected photograps, etc.) can be found in the final report – see the MS Word document (4,4 MB) or PDF document (1,3 MB).

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