BBFC 2017

When: 17th to 18th June 2017
Where: Bučovice, Czech Republic

The fifth anniversary edition of the Bucovice Blind Football Cup was different in many ways from the previous tournaments. Firstly, it was joined for the first time by the Colombian team Fútbal Ciegos Cundinamarca, which tried hard for several years to be able to participate. While Cundinamarca appeared to be a clear front-runner it couldn't hold its initial dominant lead, unlike the Brazilian ICB Bahia team which won the first three BBFC editions. Also, what was exceptional about the fifth edition was the fact that all four final matches ended in penalties. Additionally, unlike previous editions, the golden cup was won by the team with the best defensive strength. The event was opened by dr. Martin Ander, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno. The young Kryštof Lesenský, the best striker of the primary school futsal league in Brno, who plays for Orel Řečkovice, performed the ceremonial kick-off.

The players of Five-a-side Anderlecht raised the trophey for the first place. They were able to defend all the attacks of Colombian team and then beat them in penalties.

Final standings of the teams

  1. Five-a-side Anderlecht (Belgium)
  2. F. C. Cundinamarca (Colombia)
  3. SF BG Marburg (Germany)
  4. FC St. Pauli (Germany)
  5. Asamea Keravnos (Greece)
  6. Avoy MU Brno (Czech republic)
  7. Tyniecka NPW Kraków (Poland)
  8. MIK Sound (Sweeden)

Further details about the 5th edition of the tournament (including an article, results, statistics, participant's feedback, selected photograps, etc.) can be found in the final report – see the MS Word document (6,53 MB) pr PDF document (1,24 MB).

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