Brussels 5-a-side Anderlecht


About us

Here we are the “purple up” team. As you probably know we are from Anderlecht (Brussels) and we’ve been in blind football for the last 23 years. We play in international tournaments for already 8 years, and you may not know it, but our first international competition was in Czech Republic. One of the most wonderful memories we had as a team is when we played the final against the Colombian team in Bučovice (at BBFC). We had to fight and grind our way to reach the final that we won on penalties. It was one of the best feelings that we were happy to share and celebrate there in Bučovice. To conclude this little presentation feel free to like our Instagram (@brussels_5_a_side_anderlecht) and Facebook page (@Brussels5aSide).

Little tip: don’t forget to have a look out for our hashtags because they reflect the must funny part of the day.